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Publication Sales

The museum stocks new and used books on a variety of earth-science subjects.

The selection is ever-changing, but major categories include the following:
— Rock, gem, fossil, and mineral guides for beginning and intermediate collectors
— Fluorescent minerals
— Famous mines, miners' stories and legends
— Mining equipment and collectibles
— Guides to mineral and fossil fee-collecting areas of the United States
— Books specific to northern New Jersey (listed individually below)

Books on the Mines and Mining History of Northern New Jersey

Note: The "postpaid" price for each item listed below includes postage, insurance, and packaging costs.

Dunn, P.J. (1997), The Story of Franklin and Sterling Hill:& Privately printed, 128 p. This is a one-volume summary of the much larger, two-volume set described above. Cost: $15; $19 postpaid.

Dunn, P.J. (2002), Mine Hill in Franklin and Sterling Hill in Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey - Mining History, 1765-1900. Final Report - Part One, Volumes 1-7: Privately printed, 1102 p. This multivolume set documents the early history of the Franklin and Sterling Hill zinc mines in thorough detail from original sources. Cost: $125 for the set; $135 postpaid.

Hadowanetz, Wasco (2008), The "Backwards" Tunnel:Ogdensburg, NJ History Mini-Series, vol. 1, privately printed, 66 p. This booklet documents the history of a large masonry tunnel that made possible the construction of a rail line from Ogdensburg, New Jersey to Middletown, New York. Cost: $9; $12 postpaid.

Horuzy, Paul (editor) (1990), The Odyssey of Ogdensburg and the Sterling Hill Zinc Mine: Sterling Hill Mining Company, 46 p. Subtitled "The Story of the Growth of a Mining Town and its Unique Place in Science and History," this booklet summarizes the history and operations of one of the most famous zinc mines in the world. Cost: $6.95; $9.95 postpaid.

Papa, Carrie (2004), A Mile Deep and Black as Pitch - An Oral History of the Franklin and Sterling Hill mines: The McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company, 378 p. The author interviewed 34 people whose lives were intimately intertwined with the zinc mines at Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey, from the early 1900s to the present day. Cost: $24.95; $27.95 postpaid.

Truran, W.R. (2004), Images of America - Franklin, Hamburg, Ogdensburg, and Hardyston: Arcadia Publishing, 128 p. A compendium of early photographs and postcards, with captions for each, this engaging book shows Sussex County as it used to be. Cost: $19.99; $22.99 postpaid.

Truran, W.R. (2006), Mining for America - The Franklin-Sterling Hill, N.J. Zinc Mines: Trupower Press, 320 p. The subtitle for this book, "A History in Images and Words," aptly sums up its content. Cost: $29.95; $33.95 postpaid.

Additional Publications

Several other publications on the local area are available through the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society (FOMS). These items are available for direct purchase at the FOMS booth during our twice-annual mineral shows in April and September, and can also be ordered by mail. For mail orders, send check or money order, payable to FOMS, to:
   Denise Kroth, Treasurer, FOMS
   240 Union Ave.
   Wood-Ridge, NJ  07075

Dunn, P.J. (1995), Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey - the World's Most Magnificent Mineral Deposits: Privately printed, 755 p. This is the same publication stocked by the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in a hardcover edition. From the FOMS, however, it is available in its original form of five softcover volumes and two supplements. Of the original five volumes, Part 2 is no longer available. Cost: $15 each (Parts 1, 3, 4, 5 and Supplements 1 and 2).

Frondel, Clifford and Baum, J.L. (1974), Structure and Mineralogy of the Franklin Zinc-Iron-Manganese Deposit, Franklin, New Jersey: Economic Geology, vol. 69, no. 2, p. 157-180. Available as photocopy only. Cost: $2.50; $3.75 postpaid.

Shuster, E.D. (1927), Historical Notes on the Iron and Zinc Mining Industry in Sussex County, New Jersey: Privately printed by Franklin Mineral Museum. Cost: $3.00; $3.75 postpaid.

The Picking Table. This is the journal of the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society and features articles on the minerals of the Franklin and Sterling Hill zinc mines.  It has been published since 1959. All issues remain in stock, but those prior to volume 23 are available only as photocopies. Prices vary; contact Denise Kroth (address above) for details. As of 2008 the complete set was available for $320 plus postage.