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Sterling Hill Super Dig 2012


Sat. April 23rd

Rain or Shine!

9 AM to 11 PM


top of the hill and kids mine minerals


The SUPER DIG is a once a year event at the mine!

What can club members experience?

  • Take a Tour of the Mine.

  • Take a Private Tour of the newly opened historic Trotter Tunnel. Tours given by Iron Miners members.

  • For this event ONLY, take a Tour of the Upper Mine and Mill where you will receive a “Last day of operation” ore specimen right off the conveyor belt (certificate included).

  • The ever-popular Blackout Tour of the Mine “Tunnel of Love” (safety glasses required).

  • See the nighttime illumination of the famous “Fluorescent Wall” in the Fill Quarry.

  • And, collect minerals in all 3 collection areas on the property.

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Individual and family educational tours in new jersey


Wait until you see the "glowing wall" after dark!

Event Guidelines:

Safety glasses, Estwing hammers and UV lights are available in the museum shop.

Amenities Provided

  • Darkroom for inspecting your fluorescent minerals.

  • Electricity (in darkroom).

  • Off-road parking area.

  • Restroom facilities.

For This Event ONLY:
Please note the age requirement at each site.

5 to 12 year olds can dig in the "Mine Run Dump" with an adult.
12 years and older can dig in the pits (preferably with an adult).


Event Registration:
SuperDig is a closed event for club members only.
Proof of insurance is necessary, see details below.

Event fee .............................................. $20 per person
Collecting fee ...................................... $1.50 per pound
Membership Fee for Insurance**.... $20 per person, if you need it.

Important Insurance Information:

Please read and understand the insurance information page before registering for this event.

You may have proper coverage If you are already a member of Sterling Hill Mining Museum, DVESS, or FOMS.

Insurance information page

To be covered under Sterling Hill’s insurance policy you must become a member:

  • Visit our Membership page to print and fill out the form. Check the box for “Calcite” membership level or greater.

  • Mail us the membership form and your check for the appropriate membership fee amount(Please fill out one form for each attendee.)

  • The Sterling Hill Mining Museum will then mail back your membership card.

  • All attendees MUST  bring their membership card on the day of the event.

  • Mail-in for the Super Dig insurance coverage MUST be done before April 1st or you can join on the day of the event.

Registration in advance of the event is strongly suggested.
It will reduce check-in time significantly.

Super Dig Resgistration    

All registration for the Super Dig is done through the website.

tent to view fluorescent minerals


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