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Outdoor Displays: Historic Mine Structures

zinc iron mine shaft at sterling hill mineNearly all of the buildings that were used while the mine was in production have been kept in good repair and are either part of the museum or are slated for incorporation into the museum in the future.

Buildings include the mine office, change house, overhead conveyor system and ore bins, coarse crusher, fine crusher/dryer house, hoist house, core shed, shop building, and the foundations of the original mill at Sterling Hill. Times of construction of these buildings range from 1913 to 1958 and reflect three major periods of expansion of the mine facilities. The imposing steel headframe that stands at the top of the mine shaft (see photo) is also preserved; this structure is visible from afar and is a local landmark. The mine closed in 1986.

Nearly all tangible evidence of New Jersey's centuries-long mining history has been obliterated. The Sterling Hill Mining Museum represents the only location in the state where an underground mine and its attendant facilities have been preserved almost intact and are open to public view.