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Hundreds of different mineral specimens can be seen throughout the Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

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Underground Mine Tour

A 1,300-ft underground stroll through the Sterling Hill zinc mine is a featured part of the mine tour. 

What You Will See on a Mine Tour

Within the mine passages are numerous pieces of equipment used while the mine was in operation, plus exhibits on the underground mining process. Visitors will see the lamp room, the shaft station, mine galleries dating to the 1830's, and much more. 

The entire mine tour route is well lit, and no climbing is involved — visitors walk on hard-packed gravel the whole way.  All parts of the route are wheelchair-accessible.

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tourist attraction the Rainbow Room with fluorescent zinc ore at sterling hill mines

The Rainbow Tunnel

For many visitors the most anticipated part of the mine tour is the Rainbow Tunnel, where brightly fluorescent zinc ore is exposed in the mine walls, exactly as it was in other parts of the mine where ore was produced.

Illuminated under ultraviolet light, the walls glow bright green and red, the green signaling the presence of willemite, one of the main zinc ore minerals at Sterling Hill. 


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Find out why the mine is 56° inside all year.

Check out the Underground Mine Tour through an interractive map.

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Mine levels. what lies beneath.

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